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To communicate the provenance, craftsmanship and unique character of a whisky or whiskey, ultimately places demands on its product label.

The label has to instantly convey the “essence” of the brand to a global audience, whilst helping to reinforce its sophistication and luxury qualities. Whisky or whiskey is currently undergoing a major makeover in the eyes of consumers. Millennials are increasingly putting quality, craft and provenance above price, meaning that spirits such as gin, rum and whisky or whiskey are enjoying a renaissance. This means that new ways to appeal to younger generations now need to be factored into the label, whether through label design and finish, bottle shape and colour. It seems that whisky or whiskey is no longer thought of as being old fashioned.

To supply both traditional and contemporary labels requires a varied toolkit. From individual cask and bottle numbering, to variable information – QR codes and personalised information can be incorporated into the print. Embedded information and augmented reality features can be accessed using smartphones, while covert security features can be hidden to help prevent counterfeiting and maintain brand integrity and traceability.

Luxury whisky label or whiskey label embellishments, including multiple foils, emboss and deboss, along with high build tactile screen, can be combined with the latest premium papers to create stunning effects irrespective of run length and print process.

Our digital department enables short whisky label or whiskey label print runs to be cost-effectively delivered to market, while larger whisky label or whiskey label print runs are manufactured using high-speed state-of-the-art combination presses.

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