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Beer Can Labels

The increasing popularity of speciality craft beer using cans as the packaging of choice has gained significant momentum over the years, particularly with aluminium having such positive sustainable credentials – amazingly, cans only take an average of 60 days to be recycled, remanufactured and returned back into the retail environment.

The movement to metal cans can, however, have a drawback due to the prohibitively high costs and MOQs for direct printed cans. This often clashes with the requirements of craft brewers to do the short run, experimental ranges that they are wanting to bring to market in order to create individuality and shelf stand-out for their products.

This is where self-adhesive labels can come into their own. With small MOQs and varying print options, beer can labels can be printed and finished with a wide range of embellishments to help craft brewers achieve a high level of individuality and uniqueness.

For example, look no further than our recent custom beer can labels for West Yorkshire-based Vocation Brewery. Here we developed a range of playfully themed craft beer can labels using digital print, a mix of high build screens and spot varnishes as well as a highly tactile sand-paper finish, giving the products added value and a heightened experience for consumers.

Looking to create individuality for your canned craft beer? Contact us now on 01274 681151 and we’ll show you how.

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“We chose The Label Makers because we were extremely impressed with their flexibility and ability to react to whatever the designers threw at them! They deliver quality in a timely fashion, always quick to respond to our needs. Following the response to this series so far, we are now looking to produce another specials range, so watch this space!”

Rachael Pinder, Head of Operations Vocation Brewery