Posted by Marbles PR on Jun 05, 2019

Complete intricate gin liqueur project

The Label Makers continue their success in producing premium quality labels for the drinks sector, by helping to create a new look for a range of gin liqueurs for the ‘No Name Distillery’ brand, part of the ‘Faith and Sons’ distillery, owned by Portuguese distiller, Filipe Sousa.

Distilling gin on a micro scale, No Name Distillery produces just two hundred 50cl bottles at a time. The intricate labels have been produced for five unique gin liqueur flavours - dandelion and burdock, fruit salad, raspberry ripple, violet infused, and pineapple and coconut.

Ben Robinson, business development manager said: “Filipe’s detailed label designs convey a quality, artisan product. The material used for the labels was a Manter Laid cream paper. This uncoated laid paper was supplied to a wet strength specification to enable it to perform well where condensation could be high, for example in an ice bucket.

“The front and back labels required an intricate die cut to enhance the premium feel - digital print ensured consistent, superior print quality. We embellished with gold hot foil to draw attention to the flavour variety, with a de-boss embellishment adding an extra dimension to the finished piece. We are really pleased with how the final product looks.”

Having worked closely with the label manufacturers throughout the project, Mr Sousa said: “It was a pleasure working with The Label Makers. We faced some project complexities, but the team overcame all challenges they encountered and brought the designs to life.

“Despite the differences in shape and style, both the front and back labels needed to be printed consecutively on the finished reel. By managing the position and using clever production techniques, we achieved what was needed and avoided issues with removal of the waste matrix. I look forward to working with The Label Makers team on more projects in the future.”

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